Metroid: Zero Mission Finally Out On Wii U Virtual Console


Upgrading Wii U’s support of Metroid games from “just enough” to “where’s Metroid II?”

If you slept on the original Metroid games, then perhaps the best way to get back into the groove before you try the series’ best in Super Metroid with Metroid: Zero Mission. The game has just been released on Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console today at $7.99, with Nintendo releasing a trailer showcasing the true story behind Samus’ first mission as a space bounty hunter.

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Originally a Game Boy Advance title, Metroid: Zero Mission came out relatively soon after Metroid Fusion, which has been on the Wii U Virtual Console for some time now. In it, you take Samus on the true Zebes mission, using a host of powers you can locate, upgrade and utilize at your option. Sequence breaking, something that Super Metroid was first renown for, is a welcomed option, with the player taking Samus to different possible locations based on their own abilities to use Samus’ arsenal of skills and weaponry.

Using the GamePad as a second screen, the trailer shows a number of neat tricks and features you’ll need to remember about Metroid: Zero Mission. Finally, to the glee of the Miiverse, Metroid can finally crawl in addition to climb, morph ball launch and morph bomb up into previously unreachable areas. The amount of things you can do as Samus at the start is very limited, but that design choice allows for some truly remarkable forethought into level design on a two-dimensional plane.