ESPN Creates eSports Site, Serious About Coverage


For many, video games started off as a hobby. Now, the so-called hobby is front and center on ESPN.

Competitive gaming is now a mainstay at ESPN. Today, ESPN launched a new eSports section on its website; the company is now fully backing the growing popularity of competitive video games.

On the new eSports page on it is laid out, and well informed, like a typical sports page. Right now, ESPN has coverage of some of the top competitive games like Dota 2, Hearthstone and League of Legends.

Editor-in-chief of and ESPN The Magazine, Chad Millman, said the growing popularity of eSports was alarming, so it would be wrong not to give daily coverage to the new sport.

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ESPN has shown its love to eSports over the past few years with national coverage of competition, a video-game-centered magazine, and live broadcasts online. The next inevitable step was a featured section on their website. In addition to television broadcasts, ESPN is looking to start a Twitch page and livecast streams.

The new partnership between video games and ESPN is great for the gaming community. Another push for video games into the mainstream spotlight is never a bad thing. Game developers will strive that much more to make the best games possible, one worthy of a spot on ESPN.

Will we see a future cast of Super Smash Bros.? Mario Kart? Street Fighter? Hopefully!

What future games would you like to see?