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Square Enix Cancelling PS4 Hitman Digital Pre-Orders


Hitman devs warn not to panic, with “adjustments” coming and an update in the next few days.

While the notion of digitally pre-ordering a game like Hitman, one that is scheduled to release its content piecemeal over time, seems wholly silly, at the very least it shows dedication and early acceptance of the Hitman brand. It’s a token of good faith, similar to that of supporting a local sports team; a pre-order helps show the developers support. That’s why it’s odd to hear that some digital pre-orders of the upcoming Hitman game have been cancelled on PS4, as noted by VideoGamer’s David Scammell on Twitter.

In response, both the Hitman Community Manager and the Hitman Twitter account, themselves, responded, prompting an always useful word of “Don’t panic.”

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While it’s reassuring to hear that Hitman, in some form, is coming out on March 11th, until we get that confirmed update from the game’s developers, we’re still stuck in a misinformation limbo. Those PS4 digital pre-orders are still cancelled. Management are aware of the situation, and are “adjusting things.” We’ve been told not to panic, which is surely the worst way to not induce panic. It would have been prudent to provide at least some glimpse as to why this decision has been made.

Either way, chalk up yet another reason not to pre-order something, at least digitally. Hitman is currently scheduled for a PC, PS4 and Xbox One release on March 11th, and will not run out of digital copies on any platform.