Satoru Iwata To Receive DICE Lifetime Achievement Award


Even in death, the magic Satoru Iwata brought to Nintendo will be remembered forever.

While the loss of Satoru Iwata last year is still felt within Nintendo and the video game industry alike, now is the time to remember fondly his truly remarkable accomplishments. That’s why, as Eurogamer reports, the late Nintendo president will receive this year’s Lifetime Achievement award posthumously at during the 2016 DICE Awards.

Handed out in rare cases, the previous recipients include early Nintendo of America chiefs Minoru Arakawa and Howard Lincoln, together, in addition to Ken Kutaragi, Doug Lowenstein and Bing Gordon, the most latter coming in 2011. Satoru Iwata will be the first to receive the award posthumously. This special Lifetime Achievement award will be presented separately, but in tandem, with the Hall of Fame entrant for 2015; Hideo Kojima.

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While no doubt that Iwata is deserving of a Hall of Fame entry at the DICE Awards, no current member of that select group has also gone on to receive a Lifetime Achievement. The very first Hall of Fame entrant went to Nintendo’s own Shigeru Miyamoto, back in 1998. Further entrants include Sid Meier in 1999,  Hironobu Sakaguchi of Square USA back in 2000, Yu Suzuki of Sega in 2003, Mark Cerny in 2010 and the Houser brothers of Rockstar Games in 2014.

Iwata’s remarkable journey, starting as HAL Laboratory and working on classic NES games to moving on up through Nintendo, is one deserving of recognition. It’s unfortunate that it could not be presented to him before his unfortunate passing last July, however it will give us yet another opportunity to treasure the memories he helped build in all of our gaming lives.