Homefront: The Revolution Rocks Philly This May


Homefront: The Revolution will be more than just televised.

The development of Homefront: The Revolution is a storied one. Not only was THQ the original publisher of the sequel, the game has saw two different developers (Kaos Studios and Crytek UK) depart from the project. Rights to the franchise were then sold to Koch Media, who passed off publishing duties to their own Deep Silver, who then found Dambuster Studios in Nottingham to complete work on the game.

Finally, after being worked on in various stages for most of this decade, Homefront: The Revolution finally has a release date: May 17th. The game is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with the most latter platform getting exclusive first access to a closed beta for lucky participants that sign up on the game’s website.

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Taking place four years after the invasion established in the original Homefront, The Revolution takes place in occupied Philadelphia. The goal is to take back America from the aggressive Korean force using both guerilla tactics and planned strikes against heavily guarded areas like the “Yellow Zone.” Gameplay elements implied in the above trailer include stealthily hiding from scan drones, remote-controlled demolition, disguises and blowing stuff up with rocket launchers. You know, America stuff.

Seeing how the vision for Homefront: The Revolution has changed up so many times across its storied development, one has to wonder if too many cooks will inevitably spoil the broth. Changing even the scope of the project towards that of an open world means adaptations to the visual fidelity, AI, gameplay mechanics and a host of additional bug-related problems. A turnaround of less than two years for Dambuster doesn’t inspire confidence, either. Here’s hoping for the best!