Amazon Prime Members Now Save 20% On New Releases, Pre-Orders


Amazon offers a new awesome deal for Prime subscribers and gamers.

Amazon became a little more game friendly today. If you’re a video game fan, and Amazon Prime member, now you’ll be able to play new games at a 20% off discount.

If you do the math on a $60 new release (Xbox One, PlayStation 4) it comes out to $12 off per game before taxes. A brand new, fast-delivered game to your front door for that value is pretty amazing – game fans from across the globe can’t argue that. Amazon has some competition in terms of video game deals on a subscription service; GameStop offers a $14.99 price tag for a yearly subscription, free PowerUp Magazine, and 10% off pre-owned games among other benefits; BestBuy sports a pretty solid deal at $30/per year for a similar 20% off on new games.

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This new deal is included in your $99/year Amazon Prime subscription and is important to note: only eligible for physical games, not applicable on bundles, and won’t be applied until checkout.

Also, members have up to two weeks, after the release date, for this deal to be used on a “new” game, and this deal does apply to all pre-existing pre-orders so rejoice.

Like always, competition is a good thing. Not only is it good for the “console wars” but it’s good when it comes to buying and playing new games at the lowest price possible.