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Daniel’s Game of the Year #1 – Bloodborne

While I’m ultimately upset that not a single other GameSided staffer voted for Bloodborne for their Game of the Year, I absolutely understand why the “Souls” series isn’t well traveled. It is traditionally a punishing, harrowing, and particular action-RPG experience, with Bloodborne even being downright unsettling with its Lovecraftian horror story and lore. If you’re not into that kind of game, that’s alright.

I mean, you are only missing out on the Game of the Year 2015!

How could you not like the twisted story of the unnamed hunter throughout the adventures of Yharnam, harnessing the echoes of blood as the blood-hungry citizens wander in an aimless daze? That’s just Chapter 1 of a dark, engrossing story, one that exists on multiple existential planes of existence. Just per Souls tradition, the truth isn’t shoved down your throat; you have to search for it by looking at item descriptions, contextual item drop clues and how monsters evolve into monstrous Cthulhu creatures.

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It doesn’t hurt that that the Bloodborne combat mechanics are a natural evolution of the series’ formula. Almost jarring at first, especially for sword-and-board Dark Souls players, there’s a specific floatiness that the character has that drastically changes how to defend with offense. Getting lost health back by pushing the offense meant that you can’t stay stagnant and catch your breath; you need to keep moving, or you will find yourself at Hunter’s Dream in a flat second.

If there’s a downside to Bloodborne, is that it is exclusive to the PS4. As such, there is a substantive number of gaming fans who are genuinely missing out on what is a fantastic From Software title, one that is more than worthy of being considered the 2015 Game of the Year.