Final Fantasy IX Coming To PC This January


Comes with bonus modes that turn off things like the actual combat in Final Fantasy IX.

Final Fantasy IX is generally regarded as one of the best Final Fantasy games of all time. No matter where specifically you rank it, it resonates with an audience that has been clamoring for some sort of re-release over the past decade. That time has finally come this January, with the Steam version of Final Fantasy IX confirming a January 2016 release.

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The way first-time players of Final Fantasy IX experience the game will definitely be different than those who first tried it out in the dying days of the original PlayStation. For one, there are seven different types of game boosters that will alter how gameplay works. For example, just like the PC and PS4 release of Final Fantasy VII, there is an option to increase the speed of combat to get through random encounters. If you’re feeling a bit tired of playing a role-playing game like what the genre’s namesake insists, you can also remove random encounters entirely. Additionally, an auto-save mode

Additionally, an auto-save mode has been added to Final Fantasy IX to make save states easier. Another bonus comes with updated HD character models while FMV cutscenes will now also run in high definition. As part of Steam, the game will also include achievements, trading cards, Steam Cloud support and partial controller support.

Final Fantasy IX was one of the last titles to not receive and updated format for the new generation of platforms / PC. Now the only one mainstay games in the series that remains is the surprisingly-well-regarded Final Fantasy XII. Plus, seeing how Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster has made its way to PS3 two years ago and PS4 last year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it make the jump to Steam sometime in 2016.