GameSided Game of the Year 2015 #13: Star Wars: Battlefront


Star Wars: Battlefront nostalgias its way into #13 in our Game of the Year 2015 list.

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If there was any appropriate way to kick off the rebirth of Star Wars gaming, Star Wars: Battlefront was the way to go about it. Where else could fans, starting from a month before the release of Disney’s era into Star Wars films, appreciate the humble beginnings of George Lucas’ greatest works in video game form?

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Star Wars: Battlefront is a specialized form of its former self. Going with a mutliplayer-heavy approach, EA DICE brought a first-and-third-person shooter that excelled in a number of key elements. Firstly, the game an aural masterpiece, nailing the sounds and musical leitmotifs that have made Star Wars famous. It can only be matched with its visuals, representing the worlds of Hoth, Tatooine, Endor, Sullust and Jakku with immaculate graphical detail.

While the map variety is wanting, the gameplay mechanics are on key. Rare is it to find an online experience that is balanced for both first and third-person gameplay, and Star Wars: Battlefront brings that in droves of gameplay modes. Whether you’re role playing as Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, Leia Organa or Darth Vader, Heroes vs Villains brings more an emphasis on getting reps in as renown Star Wars characters. That comes on top of 10 v 10, 20 v 20, flight-based maps, Walker Assaults and tons of other game modes.

Getting tired of playing online? There are some solo and co-op gameplay modes available in Star Wars: Battlefront, including a Training Mode that lets you get ready for a more keyed-in experience. Survival Mode is the main challenge, with players co-operating to survive against multiple waves of enemy soldiers and enemy craft. Battles and Hero Battles are the icing on top, where you get to play for either the Rebel Alliance or the Empire in taking down enemy forces.

If you love Star Wars, Star Wars: Battlefront might be the perfect starting point before we see brand new adventures in the years to come.