Nintendo 3DS Surpasses 20 Million Sales In Japan


The Nintendo 3DS is now a Top 5 all-time gaming console in Japan, according to sales figures.

In the same week that the Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem game (officially titled Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE, with a musical sharp note) released in Japan to sub-Bayonetta 2 launch results at just 23,806 units sold, Nintendo actually had reason to celebrate. The Nintendo 3DS, just shy of five years into its life cycle, has reached more than 20 million units sold in Japan, according to the Famitsu weekly Media Create results for December 21 – 27. The official number is now at 20,036,956, as of press time.

That puts the Nintendo 3DS and all of its alternate versions (Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 3DS devices, etc.) squarely into fourth in the all-time gaming console sales chart for Japan. Currently, the original Nintendo DS is at #1 with 32.86 million units sold, with the Game Boy (Color) just under it at 32.47 million units, the PS2 coming in at third with 21.98 million and the PSP in fifth at 19.69 million units sold.

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Additional stories coming out of this week’s Media Create figures is that Splatoon finally cracked the 1 million mark for units sold in Japan, currently sitting at 1,064,897 units sold. The Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition still sits in the Top 10 despite being released almost 9 months ago. Finally, Star Wars: Battlefront has sold almost four times as many units in Japan as Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival has, despite similar release dates and Japan’s proclivity towards the Animal Crossing series. Some people must have read a translated version of our amiibo Festival review!