Super Cool Semi-Transparent Nintendo 2DS Coming To Japan


Japan continues to get the cool stuff first, even if the Nintendo 2DS heads to the region two years later.

It seemed just like yesterday that we were talking about the Nintendo 2DS announcement while, simultaneously, making Nintendo 1DS jokes. In fact, it actually came out in October 2013, more than two years ago from today. That’s why it’s odd to hear that Japan is finally getting the kid-friendly adaptation of the Nintendo 3DS, but not surprising that they will be getting the way-and-above coolest versions of the handheld console.

As reported by Destructoid, the launch Nintendo 2DS devices in Japan will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the release of Pokemon for the Gameboy, coming in one of four semi-transparent colors. Green, Red, Blue and Yellow are all representative of the four different color releases of the original Pokemon games, with special pre-installed versions of each colored game coming with the corresponding color of each system.

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As an extra bonus, each Nintendo 2DS bundle will also come with menu themes specific to each title, stickers, a map of the Kanto region (in which the first games took place in) and a download code for Pokemon No. 151; Mew. The bundle will be released on February 27th, in which the original Pokemon games will become available on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console for a worldwide audience. Yet, the Super Famicom-inspired buttons, Nintendo 64 controller-inspired semi-transparency of the Nintendo 2DS will remain in Japan for now, with no stated plans for an international release.

C’mon, Nintendo of America. You know what to do, here.