New Bloodborne Patch Makes Blood Rocks Purchaseable


More of your Bloodborne weapons will finally reach +10 at the cost of a lot of insight.

There are many punishing aspects to the From Software “Souls” formula. Death is a constant, patience is a virtue and rare is it to be able to completely Mastercraft a wide variety of weapons. Usually, you get one or two, then the rest are painfully just a step below that due to the game limiting possible materials. Thankfully for Bloodborne users, the latest patch makes it possible to buy a Blood Rock for 60 Insight, making it easier to try out a bunch of different trick weapons at their optimum stat growth.

Bloodborne 1.09 will sell you a Blood Rock at 60 Insight after a certain point in the game’s story. The item allows users to take a weapon currently at +9 to +10, and was extremely rare before the patch. Previously, there were two guaranteed spots to get a Blood Rock; one in a castle late in Bloodborne, and the other in a location as part of the new DLC expansion: The Old Hunters. Jumping to that +10 would often set the stat scaling for weapons to the next letter grade, improving damage dramatically.

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Of course, there was always the option to go through the Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons, which were optional offline and online, randomly generated areas that could generate random drops that include the Blood Rock. It was a convoluted system that could be cheesed on certain glyph passwords, but it meant putting in an effort to get a great reward. Insight, on the other hand, is immeasurably easier to gather, and might have a profound effect on how the end game plays overall for new users. It can catch newbies up, and allows for guesswork without resorting to guides. In that sense, it may become a welcome change to user loadouts.

h/t GameSpot