Hideo Kojima Discusses Future, New Studio


Kojima is committed to a new brand, new games and a new beginning.

The world renown Hideo Kojima is ready to branch off and begin his new company, Kojima Games. In a sit down interview with IGN, Kojima talked about the direction of his new company and the foreseeable future.

Kojima has his eye set on a small game studio, edgier tone and continuation of success.

His new project at Sony is still kept under wraps, so eager fans must wait and wait patiently. Creating a game studio doesn’t happen over night, so it is going to be a few years down the road before we see Kojima and his team’s newest creation.

The Metal Gear Solid creator went on to discuss his reason to team up with Sony and become an exclusive partner. “It’s thanks to Sony that I was able to make a splash in the global market,” said Kojima. “It’s been 10-plus years since then and the working relationship at Sony, the people at Sony, we gel well.” He also said, many game companies made him an offer, but his past relationship and comfort with the Sony brand made it a fairly easy decision.

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Right now, Kojima is listening to his fans and wants to keep games the number one priority. In addition to games, he also has considered other forms of digital content like movies, animation or different forms of video.

Kojima went on about his fans, their passion and his own passion to meet their expectations. He said, “I’ve been in this industry for 30 years. I turned 52 this year. I’m getting to a new start, and I am very confident. I’ll keep creating games until the day I die.”

You heard it from the man himself. Kojima is putting his blood, sweat, tears, and life on the line to make the best games possible. Kojima has all the motivation in the world, an artistic mind and the opportunity to turn Kojima Productions into something great.

h/t IGN