Hideo Kojima Officially Partners With Sony To Make PS4 Exclusive


After decades spent working for Konami, Hideo Kojima is set to take his talents (and that of Kojima Productions) to Sony.

Boy, do things move quickly in the video game industry. As of December 15, 2015, Hideo Kojima was no longer an employee of Konami. We only got official confirmation of that by Konami late last night, and it is only at 1 AM ET today that the official news came from Hideo Kojima on Twitter that his employment contract with Konami had been terminated. Moments later, we got word from Sony that they will be partnering with Hideo Kojima to release a game exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Hideo Kojima was on hand, alongside Sony Computer Entertainment president and CEO Andrew House, to convey the message that he has established his own independent studio that will produce its first title in collaboration with PlayStation. His stated goal from the onset is to create “a new franchise with PlayStation,” one that would give players “a new and innovative gaming experience.” At the end, the video displays the new Kojima Productions logo, which can be seen above.

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Obviously, everything about this new project from Kojima will receive speculation and intrigue from the industry at large, and we’re years away from seeing it reach a completed state. However, setting a goal to create a new franchise is a bold goal for one of gaming’s rare auteurs, and it will be interesting to see in what way Sony and PlayStation will collaborate with Kojima-san. Considering many of the reports surrounding the split between Kojima and Konami center around rubbing executives the wrong way (especially when it comes to going past deadlines and over budget), hopefully Kojima Productions will be given the full trust they need to create an excellent title that they are capable of producing.