Cloud In Super Smash Bros Feeds Off Limit Break


Final Super Smash Bros. Direct: Nintendo’s top-requested Final Fantasy character is more than just another sword fighter.

As part of the final Super Smash Bros. Direct, Nintendo and game director Masahiro Sakurai presented viewers with an in-depth look at how Cloud from Final Fantasy VII (a Top 3 Final Fantasy game) plays in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.

While yes, he does happens to be one of dozens that wields a sword in this game, how Cloud uses his Buster Sword is a bit different. He doesn’t chain combos like Ryu, but his side smash does a fast chain of three hits. Just like in Final Fantasy VII, after receiving damage and dealing it as Cloud, you can build a Limit Break that upgrades each of his special attacks.

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Blade Beam, his standard special, sends a wave bullet in the air or on the ground (where it is most powerful). Cross Slash is Cloud’s side special, inflicts a lot more damage after three hits (spelling out “KYO”), although a shielded opponent has a bigger counter opening. Climhazzard is not only an excellent recovering up smash, but hitting it again sends you swinging down as high as you were swinging up.

Finally, when not charging Cloud’s Limit Break, his down smash (when fully charged) does a 1% damage “Finishing Touch” that sends opponents flying. It’s only outdone by Cloud’s Final Smash; his Omnislash limit break similar to that of Final Fantasy VII fame. Whether or not you play as regular Cloud or Advent Children Cloud in Super Smash Bros., he looks as great as possible on currently-available platforms.

Midgar is also joining Smash Bros, bringing along some stage hazards along with it. Playing as a standard platform stage layout, it’s only when you summon the likes of Ramus (lightning), Ifrit (fire), Leviathan (water), Odin (slice everything in half) or others that you start to see the stage shift focus. The entire package is a love letter to Final Fantasy VII fans.

You can get Cloud as a Super Smash Bros. character later today for $5.99 on either the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U, or $6.99 if you want to get him for both.