Youtuber Reflects On His First DayZ Memories


Rene of BarelyInfected recounts his first memories from the DayZ mod, and they’re the type of experiences many share.

Everyone who’s played DayZ has memories, but not everyone compiles them into a meaningful video like Rene from BarelyInfected did. Watch below, or by clicking here.

The beginning months of DayZ mod were special, and I don’t say that just to be nostalgic. Back before its large popularity we lacked thousands of Youtube videos explaining the ins and outs of the game. There were no famous bandits or heroes. There was just DayZ, a hard-to-install mod for a game no one had heard of.

…and we were actually scared of the dark.

But even these large hurdles weren’t enough to stop new players — the game’s ambition was irresistible — wake up on a beach in the middle of nowhere and survive against insurmountable odds. It felt like the gritty alternative to Minecraft (minus the building), and it was incredibly enticing.

Early players didn’t know the rules of this world, everything felt bigger, and we were actually scared of the dark. As the game grew in popularity, so did the knowledge base surrounding it. Slowly DayZ became less of an engrossing world full of risk and reward, and more and more it simply became a game.

Before each of us reaches this point of “gamification”, there’s a naivete that charms us and fuels our strongest memories. I remember the first time I was killed by someone, the first time I found a car, or the first time I was helped by players more experienced than me.

What are your first memories from DayZ? Feel free to share your stories in the comments below, or send me a tweet at @PsycoRevolution.

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