In Nathan For You Season Finale, A Gamer Becomes A Hero


Nathan Fielder always balances the line between deadpan and satire. The ‘Nathan For You’ season finale sees him balance a physical tightrope line to make a gamer a “hero.”

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The typical reaction to someone labelling themselves as a “gamer” in real life is usually met with derision, depending on the circumstances. Popular culture, like TV shows and comic book movies, have helped to turn the tide against public mockery, but it still doesn’t help to make “playing video games” your defining trait. It’s why Nathan Fielder picked an isolated gamer and part-time arcade worker, Corey Calderwood, as the subject for Nathan’s latest stunt in the Nathan For You season finale, set to walk a tightrope from one building to another for breast cancer awareness impersonating Corey. All to prove anyone can be a hero.

Nathan For You is a comedy television show that sees Nathan Fielder, a renown businessman who graduated from one of Canada’s top business schools with “really good grades,” help local businesses out by trying some out-of-the-box ideas for both customer growth and marketing purposes. In reality, Nathan plays an incredibly awkward manifestation of his real self, one who doesn’t interact well with women and plays the part as deadpan as possible, in the form of a mock reality show with unknowing participants.

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Impersonating Corey should come easy to Nathan — he’s a walking “awkward gamer” stereotype that likes Magic the Gathering, League of Legends, Guitar Hero — but there are no half measures in Nathan For You. Instead of just learning his favorite video games and pulling some CGI or practical stunt trickery, Nathan takes Corey to (unknowingly) get a full body scan, don prosthetics and become Corey while the real deal sits in a well-stocked, small RV in the middle of the desert for two weeks.

Just when you think the act of making even a gaming nerd a hero has gone too far, Nathan For You takes it one step further. In addition to making an actual, real-life OK Cupid profile and going out in public as Corey, Nathan is shown practicing over the course of six months for his near-impossible stunt; an actual tightrope act set for two buildings with an 80-foot drop. The entire half-hour episode is quite possibly some of the most absurd, bizarrely hilarious behavior in an attempt to make a gamer look cool ever.

You can watch the full episode of Nathan For You on the Comedy Central website (if you live in the US. Canadians can watch it on