Gearbox The Latest To Open A Studio In Quebec


With a very supportive tax credit for video games development in Quebec, Gearbox becomes the latest to announce a new studio in “La belle province.”

Not even a week after Bethesda expanded their games development reach to the frozen French-Canadian tundra of Quebec, Gearbox Software has followed suit. Today, the Texas-based company has announced the formation of Gearbox Studio Quebec, with the intention of producing their own AAA-quality gaming production as they staff up throughout 2016.

Sebastien Caisse will act as Co-Studio Head and Director of Operations, previously working at a number of local animation studios as a director or manager of business development. He will be joined by fellow Co-Studio Head and Studio Creative Director Pierre-Andre Dery, who worked as an Art Director at Activision working on Skylanders and The Amazing Spider-Man, in addition to visual development contributions to games like Far Cry, Deus Ex and World of Warcraft.

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Right in the heart of the capital city of…Quebec City, Quebec, Gearbox Software is currently hiring for a number of key positions within the newly-minted company. They include Senior Producer, Lead Game Designer, Lead Artist, Lead Animater, Lead IT Specialist, Narrative Director, UX Director, Technical Art Direct and a number of senior positions at the art, design and programming level.

With those key roles currently being sought after, it appears as though whatever Gearbox Quebec Studio has in store for the games industry won’t be coming until late-2017, at the very earliest. It took years before Canadian expansion studios for other companies to get their own titles, just like Ubisoft Toronto co-developed for years before making Splinter Cell: Blacklist for themselves. Regardless, it will be interesting to see if the studio produces their own IP or works within a Gearbox-renown IP.