Game Awards 2015: Rocket League Coming To Xbox One


The addictive hit indie game of the summer, Rocket League, will be coming to the Xbox One fairly soon.

Rocket League has been an in-between game staple for some of us at GameSided. It’s the perfect combination of driving cars fast while playing gigantic soccer, somehow managing to mix to unrelated types of games into one addictive experience. Previously, Psyonix’s surprise hit (winner of the Best Independent Game and Best Sports/Racing Game at The Game Awards) was only available on PC and PS4, but come February 2016 that is going to change.

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As part of The Game Awards ceremonies, Rocket League received its own world premiere trailer, revealing that the game will be coming to Xbox One in February 2016. As part of the reveal, Microsoft-specific cars that reflect the Gears of War and Halo properties were introduced as available cars, although details beyond an inevitable release were not provided at this time.

There are several outstanding questions for Xbox One owners who want to play Rocket League on the Xbox One. Will the system support cross-platform play, similar to how you can play on the PS4 with (and against) people on PC, and vice versa? Will it release with paid DLC content bundled into the download? Will Rocket League be the magical property that can convince Sony and Microsoft to let PS4 and Xbox One users interact in an online multiplayer space? Will it, too, be free for Xbox Live with Gold users when it launches, similar to that of the PS4 release of Rocket League during the same month it was on PlayStation Plus?

Hopefully, these and other questions are answered in the near future.