Game Awards 2015: Hideo Kojima Barred From Appearing By Konami


Konami gives no f—s anymore about Hideo Kojima, nor their goodwill in the games industry.

Konami used to be a name that used to reflect passion, creativity and excellence within the video game industry. In 2015, that name has been tarnished due to their scorched earth approach to handling their inevitable departure from said industry, mishandling the reported falling out between themselves and one Hideo Kojima. Tonight, Kojima-san was expected to be present at Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards 2015, especially considering Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain won the Best Action/Adventure Game award. Sadly, he could not be here tonight.

Not because he didn’t want to, but because Konami would not allow him to be there.

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Keifer Sutherland (Venom Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain) was on hand to accept the award on his behalf, but host and organizer Geoff Keighley wouldn’t let sleeping (diamond) dogs lie. “Mr. Kojima had every intention of being with us tonight,” he said, “but unfortunately he was informed by a lawyer representing Konami, just recently, that he would not be allowed to travel to tonight’s award ceremony to accept any awards.

“He’s under an employment contract, and it’s disappointing, and it’s inconceivable, to me, that an artist like Hideo would not be allowed to come here and celebrate, with his peers and his fellow teammates, such an incredible game as Metal Gear Solid (Five), but that’s the situation we’re in. Hideo is in Tokyo right now, watching the show, so we want you to know that we’re thinking of you, and we miss you. We hope to see you at The Game Awards 2016.”

Continuing Geoff Keighley’s middle-finger-waving statement at Konami, he had a surprise in store for Hideo Kojima. Stefanie Joosten, who performed as Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, sang Quiet’s Theme quite remarkably. Let’s juist say we’re thankful words can’t really kill like they do in the game, as many an irrate fan are surely lashing barbed criticisms at the spiteful actions Konami continues to perform in their neverending spiral towards irrelevancy within the gaming industry.