Indivisible RPG Has Been Miraculously Funded On Indiegogo


Indiegogo project Indivisible raises more than $1.5 million, the last half million coming from a last-ditch effort of remarkable proportions.

There’s no way this should have happened. Indivisible, not even a week ago, barely eclipsed the $1.1 million mark out of Lab Zero’s desired $1.5 million fixed funding goal on Indiegogo; a goal from a campaign gifted with an additional 30-day extension that was only supposed to go 30 days in the first place.

Yet here we are, on December 2nd at 2:21 AM EST, with the Indivisible RPG reaching its funding goal of $1.5 million, ensuring its future development scheduled for January 2018.

For those who are unaware, Indivisible is an RPG project that was born out of the creative talent responsible for the woman-centric animated fighting game Skullgirls. Inspired by Valkyrie Profile and Super Metroid, the work-in-progress is planned for a PS4, Xbox One and computer platform release, with a playable prototype available now on the game’s website. The game is inspired by Southeast Asian mythology and plays like a combination of a 2.5D platformer with active input RPG combat that jumps in and out of the “random battle” structure.

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The upfront breakdown of what funds for Indivisible went to was a refreshing, honest take that crowdfunding campaigns should strive for. 505 Games would act as a publisher of sorts, contributing a further $2 million towards the development of the game only if Lab Zero was able to reach the initial $1.5 million goal. They explained where the money would go to, how much would be provided and what needed to be paid for as part of the development process.

Praise for the late funding of Indivisible can be attributed to a number of sources. Whether it be anonymous meta reverse-trolling on 4chan about the game never getting funded, people on Reddit getting out the message or the Super Best Friends doing everything they can to promote Indivisible via podcast promotion, playing the prototype on their channel and incentivizing donations to choose their representation of a boss character in the completed title, it was really a thunderclap of word of mouth right as the campaign seemed to be headed towards a doomed closing.

Congrats, Lab Zero. Now the hard part begins; completing development of Indivisible in the first place!