PS4 To Receive Official PC, Mac Streaming Support


Have you ever been playing your gaming console hooked up to a television screen and wondered, “I wish I could play this over on my PC, as opposed to just playing PC games on my PC?” For Xbox One owners, the solution is simple; just sign up for a free upgrade to Windows 10 (Windows 7 users and up) and the Xbox One can support streaming to your PC. For PS4 users, however, you will have to wait until Sony comes up with a solution. It may not be far away, however.

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Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida took to Twitter to comment on messages sent his was about an official PS4 Remote Play function for PC. He confirmed that not only does he hear your cries for yet another online PlayStation streaming service, but that an official app is in the works for both PC and Mac.

While I’m sure Shu or someone else from Sony would have liked to make the PS4-to-PC streaming service reveal during PlayStation Experience next week, the timing seems to be reactionary. Recently, an unofficial third-party program called “Remote Play PC” released an alpha version recently, charging about $10 USD for a program clearly in early stages of development. If Sony saw that it worked well enough in its early stages, even with likely bugs and no refunds, you can bet they want to float the idea of a service that actually runs well, especially if the ICE team is working on it.

Hopefully, Sony or Shuhei Yoshida, himself, can provide us with more details when the PlayStation Experience holds its keynote address on Saturday, December 5.

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