Rocket League is quietly shaping up to be a longs..."/> Rocket League is quietly shaping up to be a longs..."/>

Rocket League Bringing Yuletide Joy With Winter Games


Psyonix already beat you in the “Winter is coming to Rocket League” jokes.

Rocket League is quietly shaping up to be a longstanding casual, arcadey eSports title that almost anyone can get into. Better yet is the fact that Psyonix is willing to adapt and evolve from being considered a car-based soccer game to a car-based hockey game, as the VP of Marketing of the company, Jeremy Dunham, announced on the PlayStation Blog that their Winter Games event will replace Mutator Mode with “Snow Day.” Instead of a giant soccer ball, Rocket League players will be playing with a gigantic puck!

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Beginning on December 14th, a bevy of winter-inspired changes will be coming to all Rocket League players, regardless of the amount or types of DLC owned. An ice-themed field will be available, in addition to a number of special items. These items can be won randomly by playing matches, similar to the base game’s standard items, and you get to keep them in your collection forever. They include:

  • “Xmas” Rocket Trail
  • “Blitzen” Topper
  • “Christmas Tree” Topper
  • “Sad Sapling” Topper
  • “Santa” Topper
  • “Candy Cane” Antenna
  • “Holiday Gift” Antenna

The Winter Games won’t last forever, unfortunately. Once January 4, 2016 comes around, the event will leave until this time next year. That means you will have roughly 3 weeks of play over the holidays to earn each rocket trail, topper or antenna throughout your gameplay. They don’t require you to play either the winter map or the upcoming Wasteland map in order to earn them, either, meaning that paid and unpaid players alike on PS4 (plus those who don’t own any DLC on PC) are on an even playing field. It continues Psyonix’s tradition of monetizing their gameplay in an untraditional way.

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