Considering it took about four months between Considering it took about four months between

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 Comes Out Next Week


Considering it took about four months between episodes one and two of Tales From The Borderlands to be released, despite Telltale Games pushing it as their most prominent “Game of the Year” candidate, the graphic adventure gaming company has just been churning out Minecraft: Story Mode content at a record pace. Today, Telltale Games announced that Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3, “The Last Place You Look,” will be released on November 24. They have also released a launch trailer, covering the story beats for the keystone episode.

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The events of Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 pick up right where we left off the previous chapter; running out of time while trying to gather the entirety of the Order of the Stone. Soren is the final member missing, and it’s up to Jesse to lead the crew through the perils of the Witherstorm. One shot of the trailer includes the gang dressing up as Withers, a strategy akin to donning yourself in zombie blood a la The Walking Dead. An End Portal is also featured prominently, as the game goes deeper into the lore and mythos that is Minecraft.

Minecraft: Story Mode ditches its rollout release schedule style, as opposed to what the Game of Thrones season finale did two days ago with its worldwide release on a single day. On November 24th, Minecraft: Story Mode will launch on PC, Mac, PlayStation systems, Xbox systems, plus iOS and Android devices; all at the same time. The same goes for those who own the physical release of the game.