Xbox One, Windows 10 Get Major Updates Today


November marks the beginning of the holiday season, with many companies gearing up to promote their products as effectively as possible. Today, Microsoft announces some major updates to their Xbox One and Windows 10 services, and even brought some US standards overseas to the frozen tundra that is Canadia (in addition to other regions).

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Leading off is Mike Ybarra, director of Program Management for Xbox taking to the Xbox Wire, speaking about the features and added benefits of gaming on the Xbox One with the new Xbox One experience. Launching today, Xbox One will be integrated with the “speed and versatility of Windows 10,” with a redesigned home screen that runs faster and smarter. Tailored to what you use recently, you can also utilize familiar and oft-used tasks with the tap of the left D-Pad or thumbstick, making for a smoother experience. A ton of other aspects of the UI have been improved, including improved Xbox One avatars, game hubs, button remapping and accessibility options for differently-abled gamers.

Windows 10 isn’t just improving Xbox One; it’s also getting a great update for personal computers and tablets. As detailed on the official Windows blog, boot time has been improved to be close to 30% faster than on a similar device running Windows 7. That means you can jump into games that much quicker, while upgrades to Microsoft Edge means you will get a better performing browser to use for browser games like or Cookie Clicker.

Finally, Cortana gets an update for use with stylus pens, recognizing phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses when helping you detail and catalog your everyday life. Shockingly, it is just now that Cortana, in any shape or form, will be making her way to Japan, Canada, Australia and India (in English). You would think that Canada would get support a lot quicker than now in its rollout, considering the proximity.