Conan Messes Around In Fallout 4


Despite filming on the Warner Bros. lot, it seems like Bethesda took over the beginning of Monday’s episode of Conan. The TBS show launched with an explosion-laden cold open, one that reflected the sensibilities and feel of the just-released Fallout 4. Host Conan O’Brien was game for the video, even wearing the iconic Vault 111 full body suit when heading underground to escape “the end of the world.”

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While answering Gilmore Girls trivia in order to unlock the vault, wearable Pip-Boys and authentic classic Fallout imagery is funny in its context, the reason for the cold open was to lead right into the latest episode of “Clueless Gamer,” where Conan O’Brien plays through Fallout 4 with the helping hand of Team Coco’s Aaron Bleyart. Some of the standard Conan-isms apply in this video, including his undeniably real thirst, messing around with player customization and trying to mess up the lives of others while making himself the center of the in-game universe’s attention.

More importantly, fans got to see just how violent Fallout 4 can get, with Conan playing as “Conan O’Brien” jumping into power armor to mow through tons of raiders, synths and other enemies. Bethesda even prepared a home base for Conan that resembled his TV set, up to and including the decapitated bison heads. It’s clear that Bethesda really cares to promote their game in such a fashion, providing promotional materials and even building a set to play the game that includes physical representations of things like Sugar Bombs and other Fallout items.

You can check out the Clueless Gamer footage below. Fallout 4 is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can read our review here.