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No, Life Is Strange 2 Hasn’t Been Confirmed


When it comes to the overall gameplay experience Life Is Strange, after all the episodes came out, the end result is a satisfactory look into the marvelous, complicated world of young adulthood in a supernatural Oregon. As long as a follow-up didn’t involve any of the characters from the original, it’s well deserving of a sequel from DontNod and Square Enix. That’s why people jumped at the chance to report that Life Is Strange 2 has been confirmed for in the works, even if that isn’t the case.

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It all comes from an interview from Alchimy, which spoke to the co-founder of Dontnod Entertainment and French science fiction writer, Alain Damasio. Originally, the article was translated to say, in a passage about Life Is Strange 2: “I worked as a script doctor on Life is Strange developed by the studio Dontnod and I will participate on Life is Strange 2 later.” After the story was reported on, the interview was updated to read, “I contributed modestly as script doctor on Life is Strange developed by studio Dontnod. If there were to be a sequel, I would be happy to contribute, of course.”

The Alchimy interview itself now prefaces the piece with a clarification and a reminder from Damasio that there is no certainty at this moment in a sequel for Life Is Strange. While the co-founder of the development studio denying something he, himself, said in an interview raises all kinds of alarms, the situation reads like Dontnod would do it; that it’s up to the publisher to decide. Regardless, the way Life Is Strange handles not only player choice, but how other characters’ physical appearance and reactions to your choices change throughout a full season, makes the notion of the dev team jumping back into another episodic adventure game that much more alluring a project.