Mass Effect Andromeda Teaser Is…Neat, I Guess


Mass Effect might be the most important property going for the developers at BioWare right now. Even after a disappointing conclusion with Mass Effect 3, the universe, the gameplay systems, the narrative and story changes decided by the player; these factors resonate with an RPG audience clamoring for a true space adventure that explores the ideologies of fantastical beings. That’s why BioWare took time to celebrate N7 Day (November 7th) with a teaser trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda, complete with a familiar voice for narration.

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“We are travelers,” the female voice of Commander Shepard proclaims to open the new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer; “Constantly moving forward, and looking back.” The first half of the trailer looks at real-life footage of space exploration from NASA astronauts, providing a parallel between the thirst for adventure and discovery of our galaxy to that playing as the new commander. It is that search for answers that helps protect the future of humanity, one that is tasked to you as the player, with the support of Commander Shepard. Her adventure is over; yours is about to begin.

And, as such, there’s nothing too much to look for in this trailer. We get to see the Ark, which may serve as an important part of the Andromeda galaxy in the new Mass Effect game. Its place within a larger narrative remains to be seen, but everything else from the trailer is either of the Milky Way galaxy or looking at the local supercluster on the way towards the next. I’m sure someone will break down the trailer into tiny bits and pieces and craft a story-arcing theory by the end of N7 Day, but for now it’s just Jennifer Hale narrating a message to an unknown person with the gravitas of her character.

Mass Effect Andromeda has plotted a course for a Holiday 2016 release, coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.