Q2 2015/16 Financial Earnings report from..."/> Q2 2015/16 Financial Earnings report from..."/>

Huge PS4 Lead In FY 2015/16 Ubisoft Software Sales (So Far)


There is a lot of interesting information coming out of the Q2 2015/16 Financial Earnings report from Ubisoft. As one of the largest employers in the games industry, they provide a refreshing amount of information when breaking down just exactly how much money they earned in the first half of their fiscal year. Despite dips in the percent of software units sold across all current-gen consoles, the PS4 accounted for the largest percent of any games platform for Ubisoft in the first six months of FY 2015/16 (ending on September 30, 2015), at 27%. The Xbox One accounts for just 12% of Ubisoft software sales in that same period.

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The Ubisoft market share across consoles was a tighter story during the same period for the fiscal 2014/15 year, with 32% for PS4 and 15% for Xbox One. However, mobile and ancillary gaming jumped to 18% this year over the first two quarters, compared to this time last year reporting for just 6% of Ubisoft software sales. Meanwhile, it’s clear why Ubisoft might not be making a ZombiU 2 for the platform in the future, as the Wii U accounted for just 1% of total software sales. The fact that 2% of sales come from the decade-old Nintendo Wii to eclipse the Wii U is outright embarrassing.

Finally, it should be noted that despite a history of terrible PC ports, the ongoing use of Uplay and its intrusive DRM strategy, 20% of all Ubisoft software sales these past 6 months come from the PC. Despite anecdotal evidence that suggests the platform is a haven for piracy, elitism and unruly customers, the platform produced better results for Ubisoft than two out of the three current-gen gaming consoles. With the advent of Steam refunds and a growing PC market, perhaps Ubisoft should take notes.

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