World of Warcraft At 5.5 Million Subscribers As Of Q3 2015


Right before the release of a new World of Warcraft expansion, the total active subscribers count usually takes a bit of a dip. For the world’s most popular MMORPG, however, the dip has become more of a drop. According to the Activision Blizzard quarterly financial report for Q3 2015 (ending on September 30, 2015), the active amount of World of Warcraft subscribers has hit 5.5 million. That total matches a player base low that hasn’t been matched since Q4 2005, the game’s 4th financial quarter in existence and just after the Burning Crusade expansion was announced.

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It will be interesting to see how the subscriber numbers flow up and down once World of Warcraft: Legion. We haven’t seen much about the upcoming expansion as of yet, but we know of a 110 level cap, artifact weapons, the Broken Isles, the Demon Hunter hero class, nine new dungeons and two new raids being added. We also have a pseudo-confirmation that Jaina Proudmoore might be involved with the story, if the voice actress herself, Laura Bailey, is to be believed.

Regardless, World at Warcraft will be turning 11 years old this month. For the game not only quickly become the most popular MMORPG on the market in a short amount of time after its launch, but to stay relevant and remain the most populated game of its category for roughly a decade is a truly remarkable feat. Whether you have never spent a dime on the game, have since escaped its addictive clutches or remain entrenched and immersed in the gameplay, the ongoing success of World of Warcraft deserves respect for its lasting power.