Shadow Mewtwo, Not ‘Dark,’ Comes To Pokken Tournament


There was a recent hubbub about Pokken Tournament this past weekend, and it centered around a mysterious Mewtwo adaptation that appeared in Japanese arcade cabinet versions of Pokken Tournament. This dark version of Mewtwo acted as a bonus boss for Halloween, and brought a ferocious challenge to anybody who was lucky enough to encounter him. Whether or not he would appear in the Wii U version of Pokken Tournament was a bit of a mystery. That is, until The Pokemon Company uploaded a new trailer of the upcoming console version of the game earlier today, showing him in the tag at the end.

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The majority of this new trailer contains Pokken Tournament gameplay footage taken from the arcade version, but it does provide more Pokemon in fighting action that you wouldn’t see in North America if you weren’t looking hard for it. Suicune taking on Charizard, Pikachu versus Machamp, plus a bunch of other pocket monsters throwing out their special moves are shown off in prominence, highlighting how exactly this game will feel similar, but play differently.

It’s only at the end that Shadow Mewtwo appears, the surprise stinger right after the logo card for Pokken Tournament’s worldwide Spring 2016 release on the Wii U. It sets up an interesting notion for how the console version of the game will play out. Shadow Mewtwo was added in arcades during the Halloween weekend as a bonus boss encounter, but this trailer seems to suggest a more prominent role for the Wii U version of the game. Could he be the “big bad” for Pokken Tournament, or is The Pokemon Company using the allure of an unknown character to draw more attention towards their fighting game? Only time will tell.