Outlast 2 Confirmed By Red Barrels, Out In 2016


It’s almost Halloween, and gaming companies are already capitalizing on the spooky, scary season by releasing or announcing horror-laden content. For Red Barrels, a company that has ironically included zero shootable red barrels in any of their gaming content, that comes with the announcement of a sequel for Outlast. Outlast 2 has been announced for release during Autumn 2016, accompanied with a mysterious teaser that will have fans guessing about every facet of its production.

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The teaser trailer for Outlast 2 opens with a burning cross, followed quickly by the voice of a creepy old man. It sounds like he’s reading a passage from the Bible, possibly from Revelation, however that is for the internet detectives to find out. Slowly but surely, the pan out reveals that it is, in fact, an upside-down cross that is burning, snuffed out to reveal the above logo for Outlast 2. That is, right before glowing green eyes appear on the edge of the horizon, peering into your soul like a damned nightmare.

It’s not like Outlast 2 was a total surprise. In fact, seeing as Red Barrels confirmed that they were already working on an Outlast 2 as early as almost an exact year ago, finding out that they weren’t making a sequel to the creepy, grotesque thriller would be more of a shocker. How exactly the game will play, or what the story is about, remains a surprise. I’m hoping that there will, at least, be a mechanic to at least fend off potential enemies. The game is scary enough without the notion that you cannot defend yourself.

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