There Will Be A Nintendo Direct This Year After All


In the past few months, there’s been a serious desert of news from Nintendo, noticeable mostly due to the lack of Nintendo Directs, Nintendo’s regular presentations to announce new games, features, products, and DLC. This is likely in large part due to the loss of their primary presenter in Japan, Satoru Iwata. Without him holding the reigns, Nintendo’s recent silence has made sense, though it doesn’t make it less heartbreaking.

But for those who were afraid the goofy, bizarre antics of the Nintendo Direct were gone for good, you can breathe now. At Nintendo’s financial results press conference, it was revealed that Directs will continue…and that at least one is slated for this year. It’s the end of October now, so that means we’re due for a Direct in the next two months, at minimum, and most likely before the holiday season really kicks off. It also will apparently sport a new format:

As long as it doesn’t shed its penchant for silliness, this is probably good news. The Nintendo Direct is what it is because Nintendo has imbued the light-hearted, jokey nature of their games into their presentations, and allowed their major figures and presenters (such as Reggie Fils-Aime) to play up the strange, meme-like quality of some announcements.

Plus, a Nintendo Direct this year means more to look forward to for a company that essentially has nothing beyond holiday this year…and a holiday that’s looking a tad sparse, at that. Zelda Wii U is probably too much for hope for, but some early 2016 release dates wouldn’t go amiss.

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