Rocket League To Mix, Match And Mutate In November


The team at Psyonix haven’t wasted any time in congratulating themselves on Rocket League’s huge success (check out our review of the game here), releasing a number of free updates since the game’s release back in July. Their latest update is set to be the biggest and most significant alteration yet. 

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It’s set to release in November and is centered around the introduction of Mutators, allowing players to customize the game with various new tools that will add a greater amount of variety to Rocket League’s gameplay. There will be a vast range of new features in the update, from altering the design of the ball to lowering the arena’s gravity.

You’ll be able to tailor these settings to your requirements and play custom matches, while a preset playlist will allow players to jump into online Mutator matches straight away. Keeping with the trend of past updates, all of these features will be available for free.

If that wasn’t enough, December’s update will add a brand-new ice hockey mode to the game. In this mode, the arena floor is covered in ice, while the ball is replaced by a giant hockey puck. Sliding around the ice is sure to make for a fun and even more chaotic experience later this year, and here’s hoping that we’ll get some NHL flags for our cars, too.

Check out the new trailer below for a sneak peek of the game’s new features, and head over to at 10:00PM CET on October 29 for a first look at the November update.

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