Paris Games Week: Tekken 7 Coming To PS4


At the Sony presentation at Paris Games Week, right after the latest trailer for Street Fighter V, it was announced that the latest entry in another long-running fighting game series was coming to PS4, Tekken 7

Tekken 7 has previously just been in arcades, but it has just now been announced for consoles. It is coming to the Xbox One as well, so it won’t be a console exclusive like Street Fighter V is. Tekken 7 released in arcades this past March. A trailer was also released showing off footage not just of Tekken 7 but celebrating 20 years of the Tekken series and showing footage from all the previous titles. It was quite the trip down memory lane for Tekken fans, check it out below:

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Tekken 7 is the first game in the series to use the Unreal Engine, the game has a total of 27 fighters. The PS4 version will have some exclusive content for fans, but nothing was mentioned about what it would be (maybe some new exclusive fighters?). Also no release date as of yet, though most likely sometime next year. Tekken 7 is also coming to PlayStation VR, but no further details were revealed.

I really hope Tekken 7 releases well after Street Fighter V. While it’s true they are very different styles of fighting games, they are still both fighting games and Street Fighter, despite also being a very-long running series, certainly has the excitement and momentum behind it. If Tekken really wants a chance to stay relevant again, they probably won’t release until Street Fighter hype has died down, so probably late next year is the earliest we’ll see this latest entry in the venerable fighting game series.

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