Paris Games Week: No Man’s Sky Coming June 2016


It’s seems like we’ve been waiting for No Man’s Sky for quite a long time. I mean we’ve been seeing various glimpses of this space exploration game forever. A lot of people seemed very positive that No Man’s Sky would hit the PC & PS4 sometime before the end of this year.

Well, the wait just got a lot longer for anybody expecting to explore the skies this year. No Man’s Sky now has an official release month of June 2016 for PlayStation 4 & PC. announced at the Sony presentation at this year’s Paris Games Week.

And of course it’s a long 8 months from now until June of next year, the game could easily suffer yet another delay. Developer Hello Games could be using the extra time to fine tune extra things like the combat and maybe even to help make it ready for PlayStation VR when that launches.

A new trailer was also released, but honestly it looks so similar to previous trailers and gameplay videos, it’s hard to tell if the footage itself was new:

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I really hope Hello Games is taking all this time to make No Man’s Sky into something special. I certainly think it could be one of those once in a generation games, but right now all I’m seeing is a game that is promising a much grander experience than what it actually seems to be. Hopefull all my fears will be assauged when No Man’s Sky finally releases on PS4 and PC in June of next year.

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