Paris Games Week: New Battlefront Trailer Looks Stunning


A brand new trailer has been unveiled for the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront. The video was revealed during Sony’s press conference at Paris Games Week.

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In the video, we were presented with footage from a variety of maps which showcased new features such as the ability to ride Speeder bikes on Endor.

We also had a chance to view some cutscenes from the game, as well as a variety of previously unseen Hero characters, including Han Solo and The Emperor. In one section, we caught a glimpse of Darth Vader as he tore through the enemy with his lightsaber, before Solo announced his arrival and fired his blaster at the Sith Lord, albeit with not much success. We also saw a showdown between Luke Skywalker and the evil Emperor, although we were left to our imagination as to what happened next.

The most prominent thing that I noticed in the trailer is that the game looks absolutely stunning, featuring a range of detailed maps and characters. Whether you enjoyed the recent Star Wars Battlefront beta or not, this new trailer should get your pulse running just a little bit faster. The Star Wars fan that dwells within me is craving this game’s release on November 17, so I hope that it will live up to expectations.

Star Wars Battlefront will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 17, 2015. Check out the new trailer below. For more Star Wars Battlefront content, check out our article on the five things that we enjoyed in the Star Wars Battlefront beta.

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