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Paris Games Week: Gran Turismo Sport Announced


Announced during the PlayStation Press Conference at Paris Games Week, Sony announced Gran Turismo Sport, exclusively for the PS4. As opposed to a numbered title in the series, Gran Turismo Sport looks to bring a real world integration with both the structuring of its gameplay by including partnerships with governing racing bodies.

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Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi came on stage to talk to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president Jim Ryan about Gran Turismo Sport. He mentioned that developers Polyphony Digital will be partnering with the FiA (International Automobile Federation, anglicized) to run two championships throughout the year. In the Nations Cup, players will represent their country in races, while the Manufacturer Fan Cup will have players represent their favorite automobile manufacturer. After each tournament is concluded, the winners will receive their trophies alongside the FiA winners of actual racing events in real life.

Gran Turismo Sport will receive PlayStation VR support at some time in the future, although details beyond that revelation were not provided. It’s interesting to see Sony go towards an integrated production, partnering with FiA. Without a numbered title, the way they’re selling this long-form tournament play suggests the game more as a service than as a title, similar to what Rock Band 4 has done in its early going. Gran Turismo 6 came so late into the PS3’s life cycle as an exclusive title that it makes sense that a PS4 follow-up focuses on having a much longer tail throughout the generation.

Beta testing for Gran Turismo Sport will begin in Early 2016. There is no release window announced for the game at this time.

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