Detroit Is The Latest Emotions Game From David Cage


If you are a fan of convoluted stories, exploitative shower scenes and poorly thought out romances, the games of Quantic Dream and creator David Cage might just be for you. Seeing as Sony was at Paris Games Week and Quantic Dream is a studio based out of Paris, it only makes sense that David Cage took the stage to reveal their upcoming PS4 exclusive, Detroit. A trailer was also released, as shown above, illustrating a future where Detroit is saved from its current “crumbling metropolis” status due to an android manufacturing revolution.

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Detroit will take place from the viewpoint of Kara, an android who suddenly becomes sentient, capable of feeling emotions. For much of the trailer, Kara is shown walking around a rainy Detroit city, taking in her surroundings as she learns to experience almost everything about basic urban life for the first time. It’s the place where androids were seemingly first produced, and Kara claims, “It is the place where it will all end.” The conflict of the game appears to be about treating the mechanized life of an android and what it truly means to be human.

While the visuals of Detroit are outstanding for the PS4 (a known trait for Quantic Dream games is their impressive graphical output), the waif, cliched monologue we hear from Kara is a cause for concern. David Cage is a brilliant producer; capable of formulating the basis of a project with remarkable talent. It’s the direction and writing that continually be the drawbacks, and the dialogue from the trailer continues to embody his spirit. It will be interesting to see how gameplay works in Detroit, as even small tweaks to the current formula may prove to be an intriguing departure.

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