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Telltale’s Game of Thrones Season Ends Mid-November


If any one aspect has helped separate Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones from the rest of their episodic graphic adventure games, it’s HBO’s involvement in bringing in voice acting talent from the show itself. That’s why it’s a delight to see actors from the show talk about the game itself in the recent trailer, one that sneakily ends with the launch date for the Game of Thrones season finale.

Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) promotes the emphasis on going on a Game of Thrones adventure crafted by the choices you make as the player (even if reviews insist it may not always be the case). Natalie Dormer is understandably happy that she is heavily involved with the story at King’s Landing, as you play the Forrester handmaiden of the would-be queen, Mira. Iwan Rheon is delighted that his voice performance of Ramsay Snow is not far removed from the show, getting to create such a delightful monster for video game interaction.

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As great as it is to see the show talent be just as excited about the video game, the Game of Thrones voice acting trailer commits a cardinal sin of falsely filming the “Here’s the actor voicing their character for the game” shots. Unless Iwan, Emilia and Natalie each did their interviews in the same identical room and day they voiced their characters, each actor is shown “narrating” a clip from a Telltale Games episode wearing the exact same clothes as in their interviews! You don’t have to include a shot in your behind-the-scenes featurette, why even falsely produce a recreation for the camera?

Either way, the most important aspect is that Game of Thrones Episode 6, “The Ice Dragon,” now has a start date. The finale will likely launch over PC and PlayStation consoles on November 17 first, while Xbox One and Xbox 360 will get the episode the next day, and iOS and Android devices would receive the last episode on November 19th. If you haven’t checked out the season yet, Episode 1 is now out for free. Might as well see if this adaptation is right for you.

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