amiibo Festival Gameplay Shows More Than A Board Game


YouTube channel GameXplain recently got some hands-on time with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, Nintendo’s upcoming party game featuring the adorable Animal Crossing cast, and lots of amiibo figurines. The video is ten minutes long and briefly shows the other play modes besides the basic board game, before delving into the main game to show how it works, turn-by-turn. Take a look:

One of the highlights from early in the video is the reveal that you don’t actually need amiibos for every person who wants to play: just the first player. Everyone else can either tap amiibos to join as their characters, or play as human villagers. This is a huge relief, as it was previously thought you’d have to dish out the money for figurines to play with pals.

The board game mode functions largely as imagined, with characters collecting Happiness Points as they move around an absolutely adorable Animal Crossing village. Whoever has the most Happiness Points at the end wins the game. Bells (the currency in Animal Crossing) are also collectible and can be exchanged in various ways for Happiness Points…because money totally buys happiness!

The board game mode isn’t the only way to play amiibo Festival. A Quiz Show exists that allows you to test your knowledge of Animal Crossing trivia…though it sounds like such a segment is made primarily for die-hard fans, as it asks questions about bug sizes and the like. Slightly more accessible-sounding is the Desert Island Escape, where each character has a unique ability that it must combine with other characters’ abilities to collect resources and escape from a Desert Island. There are multiple maps in this mode at varying difficulties.

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is available for Wii U on November 13 in North America, November 20th in Europe, and November 21st in Japan and Australia. It will cost $59.99 and come with two amiibo figurines, and three amiibo cards.

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