Ubisoft Club Is The New And Improved Uplay


With Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate on the horizon, Ubisoft is doing a bit of rebranding by transforming their rewards program, Uplay, into a new service they’re calling Ubisoft Club. Ubisoft Club comes with several improvements over the old Uplay, and was heralded by this video that uses the “level up” pun a bit overmuch:

Ubisoft Club is a free service that will link all of your Ubisoft games, regardless of platform, into one account. It allows you to collect achievements and rewards for playing games, activate in-game content, compete with friends, and “level up” by doing things in-game.

If you’re new to Ubisoft titles you can sign up for Ubisoft Club at any time by visiting the official website, or you can use your Uplay account to sign up if you already have one. No date has been set for when this service will really start to take over from Uplay, but it seems likely that there will be some big to-do connected with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, which releases on Friday. Hopefully Ubisoft Club will be a step up from Uplay and solve some of the cross-platform troubles the old service was known for.

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