Upcoming Splatoon Update Boosts, Nerfs Weapons


Splatoon has been undergoing habitual updates for quite some time now, usually providing more stages, weapons and global events. Soon, however, the game will receive a huge update to the way players enjoy their current means of gameplay, as the Splatoon Patch Version 2.2.0 notes have been released.

Coming on October 20th, changes will be coming to the following elements of Splatoon play:

  • Main, Sub and Special Weapons
  • Rainmaker and Tower Control modes
  • Rank S players will match with Rank S players more frequently. Same with S+.
  • Changes to calculating ranks
  • Changes to stage mechanics for Rainmaker Mode in following stages: Walleye Warehouse, Kelp Dome, Flounder Heights.
  • Bug fixes
  • Weapon exploit fixes

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It’s interesting to note just how long update support for Splatoon has been going on post-launch. Considering that Splatoon released in May and have a major online component to play, I wouldn’t be surprised if the plan is to update with more maps or gameplay modes in future DLC packs, not far removed from what Mario Kart 8 received to extend the length of its legs when it comes to software sales. With all this news about the Nintendo NX and very few online multiplayer games coming out or out already for the Nintendo Wii U, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo pushes this game for as long as they can.

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