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Youtube Gaming Update Includes Mobile Streaming, Paid Subs


The launch of Youtube Gaming has been nothing if not tumultuous, but for the wrong reasons. The continued feature support is appreciated, but the layout and implementation of streams as you go about your business comes off as fairly busy. Youtube is opting to go with the “overload viewers and Youtubers with even more options” route, which may ultimately be the right way to go. As announced on the Youtube Blog, today’s update brings a multitude of new options when it comes to streaming Youtube Gaming content.

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Starting with Android devices, Youtube Gaming content creators can now stream and react to mobile gameplay. With the use of your phone’s camera and microphone, you can record yourself playing through whatever games you like. Angry Birds, Solitare, Triple Triad; it’s an excellent option to keep a stream going while even in transit. Plus, it opens up the possibilities and options for the type of content that is available for public consumption, opening eyes to a wide variety of video game titles.

Additionally, Youtube Gaming will now offer the opportunity for fans to support their favorite content creators while getting access to bonus viewing options. Sponsorships are in beta for a select number of creators, and work like Twitch subscriptions. Sponsors will receive special badges in live chat (as crafted by the channel creator) and have access to exclusive chat rooms and sessions.

Youtube Gaming already has the tip jar in the US, Australia, Japan and Mexico, but adding subscriptions via sponsors will bring familiarity to those who are used to the Twitch TV style of monetary support. However, the mobile streaming is quite the game changer, coming so shortly after the launch of Youtube Gaming, itself. It’s not quite the option on Twitch, outside of a few Xperia devices and select games. This type of content consumption innovation should allow for a younger generation to jump in on the action, which creates an interesting discussion about the direction of consumed media overall.

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