Overwatch Closed Beta Begins In Two Weeks


In a press release to Polygon and other major news outlets, Blizzard revealed that the closed beta for their upcoming multiplayer shooter, Overwatch, will begin in just two weeks. Specifically, on October 27, 2015.

Overwatch is a competitive shooter where players join a team of five other players to compete against another team in combat, playing one of multiple hero characters. Characters come in four classes: offense, defense, support, and tank. Players must work together to create choke points and take down the enemy by capturing points or escorting vehicles in various real-world inspired maps.

In a blog post, Blizzard stated their goals for the beta:

"We’re aiming to accomplish two primary goals with our public beta test: First, get tons of top-notch feedback on the gameplay — including balance, feel, and fun — to help us make Overwatch the best team-based shooter on the planet. Second, we want to hammer the heck out of our tech, including stress-testing our server infrastructure and making sure the game runs great on the widest variety of systems possible."

A preview of the beta will be shown tomorrow at 10 am PT, viewable on Twitch from two perspectives. You can also opt into the beta from the official Overwatch website–all you need is a Battle.net account. The beta on the 27th marks the first “wave” of beta testers–traditionally Blizzard staggers the keys it offers, and only those in the Americas will be offered this first wave–Asian and European players will join later. Blizzard is expected to begin rolling the beta out to larger groups beginning at BlizzCon on November 6th.

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