Here’s What The Minecraft: Story Mode Cast Looks Like


There is a lukewarm attitude towards Telltale Games releases lately. The usual talking points about your choices don’t matter, the linearity of the story and the lack of adventure in adventure games remain discussions brought up habitually. Personally, the voice cast seems to be a place of positivity, and Minecraft: Story Mode has excellence in droves. Just see for yourself, as Telltale Games released a launch trailer of the cast talking about the game and how it works within the Minecraft mythos.

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Patton Oswalt (Finest Hour, Young Adult) likens Minecraft: Story Mode to a choose-your-own-adventure book. Scott Porter (Hart of Dixie, Batman: Arkham Knight) talks up the aspect of player agency unseen elsewhere. Brian Posehn (Mr. Show, Brutal Legend) preaches the importance of story in gaming. Cat Taber (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Disney Infinity 3.0) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie from The Last of Us) insist that the game is kid-friendly but is universal enough to also appeal to adults. Billy West (Doug, Futurama) harps on the importance of playing with passion.

The video leaves out a lot of other cast members from The Goonies, who will voice other characters in Minecraft: Story Mode throughout the season, and doesn’t even include Lee Everett’s voice actor, Dave Fennoy. That said, the reel itself should at least provide those who pay attention to the performances of voice acting in video games a reason to give Episode 1 a look. Launching today with Episode 1, it will certainly be an interesting adventure for both Mojang and Telltale Games, alike.

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