Who is Resident Evil's Umbrella Corps for? Who's in ..."/> Who is Resident Evil's Umbrella Corps for? Who's in ..."/>

There Are Too Few Zombies In New Umbrella Corps Trailers


Who is Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corps for? Who’s in the market for Call of Duty in dark corridors, with vague window dressing references to the Resident Evil canon, and somehow zombies are in the way of two opposing human factions duking it out? Whatever market is there, Capcom is hoping to tap into it however they can. The recent live action trailer for Umbrella Corps seems to be targetted towards people who like to see two vague opposing teams shoot rifles at each other while literally strolling past zombies as if they were nothing. You know, a zombie game.

As we start out the video with an unknown soldier typing into a typewriter that doesn’t even have paper in it, two groups of unknown soldiers begin to gear up in the ruins of Raccoon City. Walking around zombies who seem to be more preoccupied with staring at a door, we see cuts to an opposing team making their way through the subway. With the look, feel and sound of a Lazer Tag arena, the two groups meet up to shoot lazily at each other before retreating. In fact, the majority of the trailer is just marching around in tight, dark corridors, with the occasional downed combatant.

The Umbrella Corps gameplay video that went up at the same time illustrates a better understanding of how the game works, and it shouldn’t make series fans any less cautious. Showcasing One Life Match, where both teams of three get no respawns, it’s clear the game needs a lot more polish. Not only are zombies magically floating, but they’re crawling around in a way that breaks the logic of physics and time. The lean mechanics are fairly interesting, however, as poking around a wall to shoot at enemies at different vantage points is a logical move to make. You don’t want to be predictable and get shot, right?

Either way, one thing that’s been made clear by both trailers is that the whole “Biohazard” aspect of the Biohazard series is barely relevant. It’s quite insulting to the franchise, to capitalize on the brand name in order to push their attempt to cash in on the “shoot bang” community so entrenched into Call of Duty, Arma, Battlefield and others while treating the horror aspect of undead creatures as barely worth aiming for. The fact that the game is canon to the Resident Evil series after the events of Resident Evil 6 doesn’t make the situation any better.

Umbrella Corps will be a PC and PS4 exclusive that releases in Early 2016.

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