Legend Of Zelda Makes Musical Appearance On The Late Show


You’ve got to hand it to Stephen Colbert–he’s been reaching out to gamers in a way that’s sorely needed after the debacle with Jimmy Kimmel. First, he hosted PewDiePie on The Late Show, holding an amicable discussion about PewDiePie’s work on YouTube and Swedish curse words. Then, he invited Sean Murray from Hello Games on the show to plug No Man’s Sky, asking useful and knowledgeable questions peppered with good humor. Now, he’s invited the entire Symphony of the Goddess to appear on the show and play music from The Legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess tour is still in motion, visiting cities worldwide to play our favorite tunes from the series in big concert halls with gorgeous, live instrumentation. Their appearance on The Late Show not only helps plug their gorgeous mesh of symphonic and video game culture, but also serves as a promo for Tri Force Heroes, which is coming out on Nintendo 3DS on October 28th.

You can watch Symphony of the Goddess, along with Elijah Wood and Sarah Silverman on The Late Show on Tuesday, October 13, at 11:35PM ET.

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