Undertale Is Currently The Top Rated PC Game Of All Time


We all know that the Metacritic system has its benefits and its flaws. It’s a tool to show the aggregate feelings of both user and critical thoughts of a title at its launch, bunching rankings together to find somewhat of a common ground. Looking back at how some of the top games are ranked, the system has its highs, and it has its lows. That’s what makes it interesting to note that Undertale, an Indie RPG with an encouragement towards non-aggressive “combat” encounters, is currently the highest rated PC game of all time, according to Metacritic, with a rating of 97.

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As great as Undertale is, this news isn’t without its caveats. Mainly, the 97 Metascore is obtained over just 11 critical reviews at press time. 7 of its 11 reviews are 10/10, ranging from outlets like Giant Bomb, Destructoid and The Jimquisition. After that, they drop down to as low as 82. The weight of balance goes towards outlets who want to share how excellent they thought this very excellent title is, and want to share their word in order for the game to get more recognition. Compare its 11 reviews to Half-Life 2’s 81, Grand Theft Auto V’s 57 and BioShock’s 44 (all games rated lower than Undertale) and you see how hard it is to achieve a high meta score with more eyes on those titles.

Nonetheless, it shows that you don’t have to go out there and spend $80 million on an open-world stealth action title in order to get critical praise. Hell, Undertale looks like a ColecoVision game, especially with its background art and sprite style. It’s a very accessible PC game that maxes out at just 512 MB VRAM for recommended visual specs, and its low $9.99 price means the ease of access could not be greater. I’ve only just picked up the game, and in half an hour you can tell you were playing a very funny, heartfelt, honest and special kind of game.

We’ll see how the Metascore for Undertale reacts as more reviews start to crawl in.

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