PSA: Pre-Download Old Songs For Rock Band 4 Now


In a few short days, the amount of people that will get their hands on Rock Band 4 will be expanded from the lucky reviewers to thousands upon thousands of fans. Because of this, there will likely be a lot of heavy downloading of both the Rock Band 4 game itself, in addition to the droves and droves of downloadable songs. In an effort to “beat the traffic,” Harmonix has announced that their Rock Band legacy DLC is available for download right now. If you act now, you might even save a dollar or two on some pre-launch song purchases.

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Those who will get Rock Band 4 on PS4, you will have to go to the PlayStation Store, “View-All” in the “Add-Ons” section and filter between free and “Low-to-High” songs. Any tracks listed as “Purchased” can be re-downloaded individually. On Xbox One, search for “Rock Band 4” in the Xbox Live Marketplace Store, select the Rock Band 4 game and navigate to “Add-Ons.” The steps listed by Harmonix warn that there is no visible means of confirming if DLC is installed until you launch Rock Band 4 on the console. Maybe look into that, Microsoft?

The biggest downside to this Rock Band 4 downloadapalooza is that neither the Xbox One, nor the PS4, allow for batch downloads. This means that, as previously alluded to, you have to find each set of songs you already own and download them one at a time. The file sizes aren’t behemoth, like 7.7 GB Day 1 patches, but it’s the loading up of download and installation screens, plus navigation, that will take a long time. There are over 1,700 pieces of individual songs available at launch, each with added freestyle guitar solos and dynamic drums fills that are available for Rock Band 4. As much as the downloading sucks, hats off to Harmonix for getting that massive work order ready for Day 1.

Additionally, a sale of DLC that was available for Rock Band 3 DLC on PS3 and Xbox 360 will also be finishing come the launch of Rock Band 4. If you want to pick up some songs before some of them jump from $.99 to $1.99, act fast!

Rock Band 4 will launch for PS4 and Xbox One on October 6th.

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